Which Software Disney Pixar’s Use To Animate Their Movies?

We Love to watch Disney Animated Movies But Have you ever thought about all the Animation software Disney uses to Animate their movies?

Disney is one of the most well-known and successful animation studios in the world. They produce some of the most loved movies of all time, including “The Lion King“, “Mulan”, and “Frozen”. Disney uses a variety of software to animate their movies, from traditional animation software like Autodesk Maya and their Own proprietary software Presto. There are some other Softwares that Disney Use to emphasize their Animation which we will be Discussing Further in this Article.

In this article, we will be discussing the software that Disney uses to animate their movies.

Disney uses AutoDesk Maya and Pixar’s Presto to animate their movies.

Disney is one of the most popular animation studios in the world. They have produced dozens of classic movies and continue to produce new films every year. One of the most important tools in their arsenal is AutoDesk Maya. This software is used by animators to create the characters and sets for their movies. It allows them to create incredibly detailed animations that wouldn’t be possible with other software.

Disney Animation Studios has introduced recent characters; this software has also been used to construct and animate them. Numerous animators are grateful for Maya’s intuitiveness and adaptability.  Animated films such as Moana, Frozen II, and Wreck-It Ralph are among the shows that were created using Maya.

“Presto” Pixar’s Own Propeitory Animation Software

Presto is the proprietary software developed at Pixar Animation Studios and imported from in-house to animate the features of its short films and feature-length films. Presto is not available and is only used by Pixar. As a result, very little is known outside Pixar early on about how Presto works. Marionette, Pixar’s proprietary software more commonly known simply as Marionette, was superseded at some point before Brave was released, the first Pixar animated film which was produced using Presto.

Pixar Animation Software Presto
Pixar Animation Software Presto

Presto was designed for animators who have traditional animation knowledge and Presto Software User Interface is quite Similar to Popular 3D Animation Software Maya. This software is proprietary software of Pixar Animation Studio, so very little is known regarding it. It’s clear that it’s a powerful animation program that Pixar developed for the specifics of its own purposes.

The software can animate characters, create scene layouts, rig models, and more. Compared to previous previz, the previz given at the Nvidia GTC conference six years ago was already excellent at demonstrating the software’s capabilities.

Disney Pixar’s develops its own proprietary software for its Production.

Disney aims to make their own proprietary Disney Animation software for the production process in that they create films without having to depend on 3D software made by other companies. Because they believe they can edit the software code to meet its own specific needs.

Every Single Pixar’s Movie has Pushed the Boundaries by putting tremendous details into its Animation. From Animating the Lights to simulating realistic fur.

The team spent years developing a simulator to animate Merida’s realistic-looking curly hair in ” Brave 2012 “.

The Disney Animation Team spent years developing a special simulator called Taz to simulate the complicated braids of the Disney princess Merida. This Disney animation software “Taz” was Powerful enough to handle 1500 hair curls Controllers on Meridas Head. The System also changed the Gravity in Merida’s hair using a gravity coefficient closer to the one on the moon than the one on Earth. With a lower gravity, the hair could keep its mass but flow and bounce in a natural way.

Merida's realistic-looking curly hair
Merida’s Curly Hair Controllers

LUCA Transformation Rig

LUCA is a story about a boy who is a Sea Monster who can transform into a human. And the Filmmakers needed to show this transformation show they gave full power to Animators to handle the Transformation in a fluid way. Such as where the Transformation Begins and where it happens. So Animators come up with a Transformation Rig so that they can fine-tune different aspects of the Transformation and see the result right in front of them.

Luca Movie Behind The Scenes

Other Softwares that Disney use to Emphasize their Animation

Only Animating a Character won’t Make a Movie, There are Different Departments Who Worked on Different Software to Create Life for This Film. I’d be Discussing a Couple of Software and How it Helps Enhance Animation.

Most visual effects in the recently released Disney movies were done using Houdini.

Houdini is Disney’s go-to program for the creation of water and fire effects and lightning. With it, Disney artists can easily work together with one another on one file, and it’s flexible with its node-based process. Houdini can save each effect and repeat them in future cycles without needing to greatly affect the master copy. Integrated tools enable a simpler workflow and improved particle simulation for aesthetically pleasing visual effects.

Houdini played a vital role in animating the ocean and the lava of “Te ka” in the Disney animated movie “Moana.”

Animators and other artists used Splash for water Simulation in the animated movie “Moana”

The APIC solver Splash, a very versatile tool, is used by animators and artists to permit them to create great water simulations in the animation Moana. It has been configured to follow all the physics pertaining to water and incorporate those simulations into a movie. However, it refrained from developing substantially; the water it shows and interacts with within the movie has some personality, but it is still capable of interacting with the other subjects.

Animators Created Their Own Simulation Engine Splash

The software permitted the water itself to appear as a character in the movie, without deviating from what real ocean water would have looked like and how it would have behaved if it were real.


Disney and Pixar might be using many other types of software. Some we’re aware of, and some we don’t know. From my research, I was able to find these many Softwares which were recently Used in Disney Pixar’s Animated Movie. Though Disney never Discloses what Software they use and how their Workflow is.

In conclusion, it is evident that Disney Pixar’s uses a variety of proprietary software to animate its movies. This software helps create the magical and stunning visuals that we have all come to love in Disney movies. While the specifics of the software are not necessarily known, it is clear that these programs are critical in the animation process. So if you’re ever curious about how your favorite Disney movie was made, now you know a little bit about the software that was used!