How To Create A Camera In Maya?

How To Create A Camera In Maya?

This tutorial will show you the steps involved in developing a camera for animation. Mastering the craft mentioned in this lesson can allow you to learn How To Create A Camera In Maya?

By default, Maya has four cameras that display scenes for you to model. As you make these scene changes, the camera panel shows the like kinds (perspective, front, lateral, top), and sequential evaluation lists each of the orthographic viewpoints as you make them. To select one of these viewpoints or change the scene you are currently Animating, open the Panels menu and select this view or perspective.

To Create a new camera

  1. Go to create and click on it.

2. From Drop Down Menu Navigate to the Camera Option and click on it.

3. Choose Whichever camera you want for your use and click on it.

How to view your scene through the new camera

  1. Select the camera in the viewport.
  2. Select View > Cycle through Cameras in the view panel menu. The camera name appears at the bottom of the viewport.

How do you make a moving camera in Maya?

There are many ways to animate a camera in Maya. The most common way animators use is to animate it as if it is a RIG. You can also use keyframes to animate the camera.

Select the camera and Go to translation tools to animate the camera using the controls window. This window contains all of the controls for animating the camera. You can move and rotate the camera and change its properties such as height and focal length.

To animate the camera using keyframes, you first need to select the camera. And then Key it on the first frame and move the camera to wherever you want it to be in the and then again key it. This will create an animation curve for the current frame. Next, you need to add keyframes for the position, rotation, and properties of the camera.


In conclusion, animating a camera in Maya is a fairly simple process that can be achieved through a few steps. By following the instructions provided in this article, you should be able to create an animation that suits your needs.