Do Animators need to know how to draw? An Expert Opinion

An expert opinion on whether animators need to know how to draw is difficult to come by, but the answer seems to vary. Animators are often able to create their work without needing a strong mastery of the art of drawing.

Why should I consider your opinion on this statement? Because As a Professional 3D Animator I have been in this industry for many years and I have seen Drawing skills don’t really matter in 3D Animation Industry.

So this article will help you tackle the question Do Animators need to know how to draw?

Lets Start.

Do you need to be a great artist to be an animator?

There is a lot of debate surrounding the idea of whether or not you need to be great at Drawing to be an animator. Some people believe that if you can’t draw or paint realistically, you can’t create good animations. Others feel that as long as you have a good sense of movement and timing, you can be successful in animation even if your artistic skills are not up to par.

In my experience, individuals will determine if they want to check out 2D Animation or 3D Animation for themselves. It really depends on what type of animation you want to do and what type of artist you are.

If you want to do 3D animation, then you don’t need to rely on drawing because you will be animating on 3d software with the help of a computer. you will be making poses that do not require drawing skills. On the other hand, if you want to do traditional 2d animation, then you need to have good artistic skills.

The fact is that 3d animation takes far fewer drawing abilities than 2d animation.

Nikhil Ray

Now Animation isn’t all about drawing

Animation has come a long way since the late centuries. It started out as a drawing, but now it’s all about technology. You can make animation with computers, and even with Text. There are lots of different software programs that you can use to make animations and even websites that let you create your own animations.

Animation isn’t all about drawing. In fact, with the introduction of AI animation software, many new opportunities have arisen in the animation industry. This software allows you to create animations without drawing a single frame. This has opened up new opportunities for those who aren’t able to draw, as well as for those who want to take their animations to a whole new level.

Do Being good at drawing Helps your 3D Animation?

There is no doubt that being able to draw well is a valuable skill for an animator. However, does this also hold true for 3D animation? Some people might argue that it’s not necessary to be able to draw in order to create 3D animations, as there are various software programs that can do the job for you. While this may be true, learning how to draw can actually help you become a better 3D animator.

Do Being good at drawing Helps your 3D Animation

One of the main benefits of being able to draw is that you’ll have a better understanding of anatomy. This is important because it will help you create more realistic animations. Additionally, being able to draw will give you a better understanding of motion and how things move. This is especially important when creating 3D animations, as movement is a key element of these types of animations.


Should I mention that I’m good at drawing in my portfolio?

When it comes to job applications, your resume is the most important tool you have in your arsenal. It’s what can make or break your chances of getting an interview, and ultimately, a job. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that every bit of information on your resume is relevant and showcases your skills in the best possible light. So, should you mention that you’re good at drawing on your resume?

The answer to this question is yes – if you’re good at drawing and it’s relevant to the position you’re applying for, then by all means include it! Drawing is a skill that can be used in a number of different industries, so don’t be afraid to list it on your resume if it’s something you’re proud of.

Do I need to take an Art Test to get into the 3D Animation Studio?

There is no standard art test to get into the 3D Animation Studio but there will be an Animation Test. The studio looks for students with strong skills in animation, illustration, and design. However, they also consider each applicant’s portfolio and creativity when making their admission decision. Keep this in mind when you’re applying to the studio – be sure to submit your best work!


This article is the product of many hours of research. And it is written by an animator itself who has almost many years of experience in 3D animation. And I am sure this will give you a whole lot of clarity.

While Everybody Reading this Article will not agree with what has been written some may find it useful and some won’t. And of course, it’s fine that this was completely written from an individual’s point of view.

In conclusion, animators do not necessarily need to know how to draw in order to be successful in the field. However, it is helpful to have some basic drawing skills in order to create storyboards and rough sketches of scenes. There are many resources available for animators who want to improve their drawing skills, including online tutorials and classes. So if you’re interested in animation, don’t let a lack of drawing skills hold you back – there are plenty of ways to improve your skills.