What is Arcs In Animation (Explained)

Imagine a world without arcs – where every movement was rigid, robotic, and lacking that touch of grace that captivates our senses. Animation wouldn’t be nearly as captivating or believable without this fundamental principle at its core. Arc is the visual path of an object or action, and it’s essential for all animators. Find out … Read more

10 Free Walk Cycle Reference Ideas

When I started my Animation career, I always struggled to find a good reference for my College Animation Assignment. It takes a long time to cycle through the internet to locate a good walk cycle reference. However, in this article, I will share a few of the walk cycle reference that I have animated over … Read more

What Is Anticipation In Animation? (Explained)

Anticipation animation is an essential aspect of animation. It helps viewers understand what’s happening onscreen and immerses them in the story. In this guide for beginners, we’ll explain what anticipation is and how it works in animation. We’ll also provide tips for creating anticipation in your own animations. What does anticipation mean in animation? Animation … Read more

10 Best Facial Animation Software in 2023, Ranked

Being a Virtual production artist in 2023 is like riding a roller coaster of emotions, but in the best way possible! It’s a thrilling and exhilarating journey that allows you to dive into the world of various software for your production. Speaking from personal experience, these 10 software’s are my ride-or-die companions. Facial animation software … Read more